DMX AGTM Foundation Wrap

DMX AG™ is made from an Impact Enhanced High Density Polyethelyne Compound known as SL365. SL365 has excellent impact and tensile properties, making it the ideal raw material for DMX AG™. Most importantly, SL365 is inert, it will not harm the environment, and it does not emit hazardous chemicals into the soil around the house, like tar. DMX AG™, is a dimpled sheet, the dimples are approximately 8 mm high, spaced in a symmetrical design of about 20 mm throughout the sheet, from top to bottom. When installed in accordance with our Installation Manual, DMX AG™ prevents water in the soil from coming into contact with the concrete foundation,

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The DMX Drain drainage board is manufactured using various combinations of virgin and recycled feed stocks combined with a specific recipe of anti-oxidants, impact modifiers and compatibilizers, which allows DMX Geocomposites to qualify for LEED Point Assessment.

The DMX Drain membrane is well suited to deep foundation walls, retaining walls, lagging walls, caisson walls, split slabs, belowgrade hemical gas barrier*, tunnel and subway structural drainage to compliment any liquid applied waterproofing product for a total systems approach to ground water control.

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